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Why FLEX appart

Why renting with FLEX appart ?

Online booking
✅ Fully furnished accommodation and flexible rental at the best value for money
✅ Fast processing of requests and follow-up by a dedicated contact person
✅ No administrative fees
✅ New or renovated housing

Looking for a temporary roof? Need a self-catering apartment or studio for business reasons, family reasons, international studies, a pending acquisition or construction works at your main home? Or, just wanting to rest into a calm and relaxing place? In any case you can count on FLEX appart to help you.

We also welcome “expats” … and happily answer their questions when they are moving to Belgium.

The concept of FLEX appart is summarized by three elements: fully equipped and functional furnished accommodations, at an attractive price, for a flexible duration.

Fully equipped means that all properties leased by FLEX appart are furnished with all necessary cabinets, dishes, cleaning accessories, cable television, Wi-Fi, etc. Water, gas and/or electricity connections are managed as well. In short, the property is only missing you!

To provide you with the best prices, FLEX appart rents furnished studios, apartments and cottages:

  • functional, but with a very good level of comfort for all our furnished properties (we offer different levels of comfort, see left sidebar “Search by Comfort”).
  • a monthly rental for all our furnished properties, even more advantageous than a weekly rental. The weekly rental remains possible as well.
  • furnished properties located on the outskirts of large cities, where rents are lower, but still close to the amenities of the city.

You will of course get all the comfort required with among others cable TV, internet, a washing machine, a tumble dry, a dishwasher, (cfr the equipment list of each accommodation) etc.

Finally, one of the major services FLEX appart is the flexible rental of apartments, studio flats or cottages that allows our customers to stay from only a few weeks up to a few months. In most cases it is possible to extend your rental to the duration you need.



These general terms and conditions are an integral part of the temporary accommodation contract, without any possibility of electing a legal/registered address (domicile). They prevail over any purchase terms and conditions of the customer.


The booking of a FLEX appart accommodation is valid only after written acceptance of the booking by FLEX appart. The acceptance of the reservation remains at the discretion of FLEX appart.

In addition, the reservation must, to be firm, be guaranteed by an advance payment, the amount of which is determined by FLEX appart and varies according to the location and duration of the rental. Failing receipt of this deposit within the time specified in the booking confirmation sent by FLEX appart, the reservation will be automatically canceled.


Stays of less than 1 month duration: the total amount of the rental, the rental guarantee and the provision for consumptions must be paid at the latest on arrival of the customer, minus the advance payment.

Stays lasting more than 1 month: the total amount of the first month of rental, the rental guarantee and the monthly provision for consumptions must be paid at the latest on arrival of the customer, after deduction of the advance payment.

Later payments are to be made by bank transfer every month, so that the account of FLEX appart is credited before the expiry of the previous period.

A monthly late payment interest of 13% with a minimum of € 30 will be applied on any amount not paid on its due date.

If it has been agreed that the payment of the stay would be made by a third party, the resident will remain personally liable for the payment.


Prices are quoted in euros and only include the provision of housing.

Administrative costs of a minimum amount of €25 will be added in the following cases:
– contacts with several stakeholders for the same rental (e.g. applicant, responsible tenant, actual tenant(s))
– modification of the length of stay
– production of documents
– other special requests


Extensions: Subject to availability and at the discretion of FLEX appart, the length of stay may be extended without any obligation to stay in the same accommodation or at the same price.

An extension is only valid after written acceptance by FLEX appart. It is recommended that the customer make such a request as soon as possible.

Advance departures: for rentals whose rent is calculated per week, a reduction in the length of stay is only possible if the customer informs FLEX appart in writing at least 15 days before his actual departure, and provided that the difference between the actual departure and the departure initially planned is greater than or equal to one week.

For rentals whose rent is calculated per month: a reduction in the length of stay is only possible if the customer notifies FLEX appart in writing at least 40 days before his actual departure, and provided that the difference between the actual departure and the departure initially planned is greater than or equal to one month.

In any other case, no reduction is possible and the amount of the rent remains due until the originally planned term.

When the resident has benefited from a preferential rate subject to a minimum stay duration, and this condition is no longer fulfilled following an early departure, the rents of the entire stay must be recalculated at the rate applicable to the new stay duration.


Any cancellation done at least one week before arrival is subject to a compensation equal to the amount of the deposit paid at the time of booking.

Any cancellation done less than one week before arrival is subject to a compensation equal to the rent for one month, or to the rent for the full stay if shorter than one month.

Failure to arrive on the agreed date will be deemed to be a “no show” also voiding the contract and subject to the same compensation.


The accommodation will be made available to the resident in a good state of maintenance. The resident will use rented premises and their facilities as a reasonable and prudent person. FLEX appart will make a monthly visit to the accommodation, according to a schedule communicated to the resident at least 48 hours in advance, in order to check that this state of maintenance is maintained. In the event of a breach attributable to the resident, cleaning will be carried out at the resident’s expense. In the event of a serious or repeated breach, the contract will be terminated in accordance with the provisions of article 9.

At the discretion of FLEX appart, the acceptance of the reservation may also in certain cases be subject to a mandatory periodic cleaning at the expense of the resident for the duration of the stay.

An inventory is included in each accommodation. The resident must check its accuracy and quality upon arrival and report to FLEX appart any anomaly, missing or degraded objects within one hour of arrival. When the resident leaves, the inventory and the state of cleanliness of the accommodation will be checked by FLEX appart and any loss of inventory or damage to the housing will be billed to the resident.

During the last month of rental visits will be organized to find new tenants, and this twice weeklyduring 2 consecutive hours in agreement with the resident.

The resident gives a mandate to FLEX appart to enter the premises to perform the maintenance or repair of the technical equipment, if applicable. FLEX appart also has the right to enter the rented premises for any emergency or security measure.


The responsibility of FLEX appart can not be engaged in case of theft or damage to personal effects, in the housing, car parks and any other dependencies or annexes of housing.
The responsibility of FLEX appart can not be sought either in case of exceeding the capacity of the accommodation by the resident.


The contract will be terminated automatically, without formality and without delay, in case of non-respect by the resident of any of his obligations or inappropriate behavior likely to disturb the stay of other occupants. The resident must leave the premises immediately and may be expelled if necessary with the assistance of the police.

The non-payment of the stay is a waiver of the rental contract and involves handing over the keys to FLEX appart and expressly waiving the stay. The rental deposit will be retained by FLEX appart as compensation.


In the event of a dispute arising in the execution or interpretation of this contract, the competent court is that of the Justice of Peace of the district where the accommodation is located.