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Why FLEX appart

Why renting with FLEX appart ?

Online booking
✅ Fully furnished accommodation and flexible rental at the best value for money
✅ Fast processing of requests and follow-up by a dedicated contact person
✅ No administrative fees
✅ Recent or renovated housing

Looking for a temporary roof? Need a self-catering apartment or studio for business reasons, family reasons, international studies, a pending acquisition or construction works at your main home? Or, just wanting to rest into a calm and relaxing place? In any case you can count on FLEX appart to help you.

We also welcome “expats” … and happily answer their questions when they are moving to Belgium.

The concept of FLEX appart is summarized by three elements: fully equipped and functional furnished accommodations, at an attractive price, for a flexible duration.

Fully equipped means that all properties leased by FLEX appart are furnished with all necessary cabinets, dishes, cleaning accessories, cable television, Wi-Fi, etc. Water, gas and/or electricity connections are managed as well. In short, the property is only missing you!

To provide you with the best prices, FLEX appart rents furnished studios, apartments and cottages:

  • functional, but with a good level of comfort for all our furnished properties (we offer different levels of comfort, see left sidebar “Search by Comfort”).
  • a monthly rental for all our furnished properties, even more advantageous than a weekly rental. The weekly rental remains possible as well.
  • furnished properties located on the outskirts of large cities, where rents are lower, but still close to the amenities of the city.

You will of course get all the comfort required with among others cable TV, internet, a washing machine, a tumble dry, a dishwasher, (cfr the equipment list of each accommodation) etc.

Finally, one of the major services FLEX appart is the flexible rental of apartments, studio flats or cottages that allows our customers to stay from only a few weeks up to a few months. In most cases it is possible to extend your rental to the duration you need.